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As independent charities, it is sometimes easy to feel slightly isolated and so CMM offers Missions across the UK the opportunity to join together as a movement to share the gospel as well as networking to learn from each other.

Twice a year the CMM Leaders Group Meet around the country to catch-up, pray, plan ahead and have time together. 

The networking opportunities are also there for staff and volunteers at the bi-annual conference held in Northampton as well as regular networking meetings focused on specific common aspects that each Mission focuses on, these could be homelessness, schools work, church partnership projects, food banks, working with care homes to name just a few.

If you are a church looking to do more social action or if you are an existing Mission please do get in touch with your nearest Mission and we can arrange to have a coffee and a chat. On the map you will see how the current city Missions are linked regionally.

Click here to read more about what each Mission's ministry focuses on in their city or town.

CMM-Uk By Regios To find out more about CMM=Uk please contact ine of the Missions nearest
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